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G-Grandma and G-Grandpa

Beyond the Moon

When I was about to turn 12-years-old, I remember my great-grandmother sitting at her dining room table with her coffee and her bible. She looked over at me and said, “I saw your great-grandfather standing at the foot of the bed a few weeks ago.”

“You did?” I was very surprised because my grandfather died a couple of years earlier. I didn’t realize it then but he died exactly six months to the day after their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

“Yes, I did, Honey,” I loved listening to her gravelly voice with a slight Texan drawl.

“Did he say anything, or did he just stand there.”

She nodded and her face softened, “He told me he was proud of me and I was doin’ good.” She smiled, “He told me he wrote me a song and that I’d know it when I heard it.”

“Have you heard it yet, Grandma?”

“Yes, I think so. It was on the radio the other day. It says he’s waiting for me past the moon.”

I don’t remember if there were tears in her eyes, but there are in mine as I remember the warm feeling I got just listening to her.

She taught me about life after death, and how our loved ones can watch over us and give comfort when needed.

My grandmother never told me the name of the song he wrote for her, but I’ve done a bit of research and feel deeply that I found it. I wasn’t surprised that it was a country song, my grandma loved country music, written by Jeremy Slate and sung by Tex Ritter. The song title is, Just Beyond the Moon and it became popular in 1967.

I’ve listened to it and cried. I can’t prove it, but I know in my heart, my great-grandfather somehow inspired that song, and I believe my great-grandmother knew it too.

To hear the song, you can go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqti0Ti0zvk   




Pegasus Bound

In college I took several psychology classes. I had a couple favorite subjects in that field one of which was dream analysis and learning to help others discover more about themselves through their dreams. Of course we had to practice on our own before we could try our skills on someone else. I don’t remember all of the dreams, but here is one of the two which had a deep impact on me when when they were understood. This is also written on my web page.

At first I was looking down from a high place and saw a horse lying staked to the ground unable to stand. He was quite still under his bindings. I felt confused as to what he was doing there like that; somehow, I suspected he was more than a horse. He was bound with tiny threads stretched across his mighty body held in place by many very small stakes pounded into the ground on either side of him. I was surprised he didn’t simply stand.

“Who are you, horse?” I asked. “What are those threads that bind you?”

“I am not a horse,” was his reply,

“What are you then?”

“I am a Pegasus.”

 “Why do you look like a horse?”

 “So people will accept me.”

 “Why don’t you spread your wings and fly?

 “I cannot for I am bound.”

 “What are those strings that bind you? Why don’t you stand and break them?”

“I can not. These are the excuses I use to keep myself grounded”

 “But, why do you want to stay grounded? Why don’t you spread your wings and fly?”

 “They kill Pegasus,” was his reply.

My Beast Doll

Dancing With Beast

     I used to have a recurring dream wherein I was in a house with a curving staircase leading to a balcony. From the main floor, looking up, I could see doors to several rooms. There were double doors that implied a large room in the middle of the upper level.

    As I looked at those doors, I felt great fear, but I knew I had look into the room. In the past, each time I climbed the stairs and tried to open the double doors, I would hear mocking laughter and a deep, harsh, voice ordering me to “Get Out.” I had tried various things to cast out this “Demon”, but nothing worked. So, I knew I had to face it and find out what it was, and what it wanted.

 As I’ve mentioned before psychology is one of my loves, and having taken several classes including dream interpretation I got the courage to deliberately go into my dream.

Sitting with a paper and pen close by I journeyed into my dream.With pounding heart I climbed the stairs and opened the door. I walked into a very large and empty room…it looked like a ball room.  I knew the ‘Thing” was off to my right, because I could hear it growling; I deliberately refused to look in that direction. When I was through ignoring it, I turned toward the sound as its growl got louder.

Shaking in my shoes, I asked it what it wanted.

“For you to leave.”

“No! Who or are you,”I trembled as I spoke.

“I am your fears!” It growled.

“What fears?”

“Those that keep you from going forward, that keep you from knowing yourself, those that keep you feeling safe.”

“What do you want of me? How can I get you to go away?”

  “You can’t!” He laughed at me,  “Let’s dance?”

I knew we were in a ball room and my as my fears manifested,  I saw Beast, you know Beauty and the Beast, standing in front of me and suddenly knew the metaphor of the story; Beauty had to dance with her fears to truly learn her strengths and experience what hid behind them, thus making her life more fulfilled.

So I danced with Beast–and still do. I have learned that my fears often disguise my greatest assets.

I’ve never had the dream again.

Dance with your fears. Have a conversation with them to see what they have to teach you. They may turn out to be your best friend.

Dragon Speaks

When I attended a shamanic retreat in New Mexico, I, along with the rest of the class, was taught to journey into another dimension to visit and learn about the four elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. We followed the sound of the drum to our sacred place where we met an elemental spirit guide that would help us with the element we were focused on. When it came to the element of fire I met a particularly nasty dragon. The following is an account of that journey taken from my journal.

The Dragon Speaks

      I stood in my Sacred Garden excited to meet my guide for fire when suddenly a beautiful but surly dragon stood before me. His flaring nostrils smoked as he bent toward me to look into my eyes and scowl.
Before I could speak, he opened his mouth and ate me; he took me into the depth of the earth and spat me out. I was surrounded by a blackness that was only broken by the light of glowing hot stones surrounded by red-black lava. It was frighteningly awesome. It was beautiful.
I looked at the dragon and asked him what I was to learn; he just glared at me. I felt myself tensing for a fight, but then I heard the drum calling us back from the journey. I demanded that he take me out of that place. He puffed smoke, leaned toward me and snarled, “Get your own self out!”
My tension grew to anger as I glared at him. ‘FINE,’ I shouted, as he disappeared. And I did.
I was furious that he’d left me there. When I again faced the dragon, I was livid. Standing toe-to-toe with that arrogant dragon I demanded, “What is your problem?
He raised his brow at me and growled, “You are inappropriately unappreciative of your trials by fire!” 

Crucibles teach us who we are, and what we’re made of.



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  1. Love your site and Pegasus experience!

  2. Nicely done mom! I love it! 🙂 Keep writing and sharing!

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