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Learning From Anger

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I have found, for myself, that being angry is easy. I have learned that anger generally masks a fear of some sort. When I can look into myself and ask, “What about XYZ caused me to so passionately react,” I’m often surprised.

I became aware that when I defend my anger with with, “well, he/she/they…,” I’m deflecting. When I point a finger at someone, someplace, or something and say, “That’s the wrong,” I’m projecting.

I’ve discovered that when certain negative occurrences become a pattern, I need to pay attention and ask ‘why does this happen? What am I not seeing?’  It may take awhile because I’m stubborn, but when I do recognize what I need to learn about me, and it’s usually a belief I didn’t realize I had, the pattern ceases to exist in my life.

If I want to stop getting angry about whatever, I need to find the true reason for the anger inside myself and let it go. Only then will my world change.

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